Buy beautiful hand-embroidery designs for shirts


There are a lot of samples of beautiful hand-embroidery designs for shirts all over the world. We have collected some of our favorite designs that are both affordable and beautiful.

Hand embroidery is an art:

Hand embroidery is an art form because it uses a needle and a thread, rather than paint or pencils.

Hand embroidery is a skill:

Beautiful hand embroidery designs for shirts are an easy and fun able skill to learn, and anybody can learn it easily. It is proportionate to the interest you have in learning the skill of hand embroidery.

popular kinds of hand embroidery:

Popular types of embroidery are Outline Embroidery, White Work Embroidery, Candle Wicking Embroidery, Patchwork Embroidery, and Shadow Work Embroidery.

Names for hand embroidery:

There are 26 synonyms and antonyms related to embroidery,

such as:

  1. brocade
  2. decoration
  3. lace
  4. quilting
  5. tapestry
  6. needlepoint

 Beautiful hand embroidery designs for shirts:

There are a lot of beautiful hand-embroidery designs for shirts like embroidery on sleeves, neck designs pattern, the front side of the shirt, and the back side of the shirt. Floral embroidery is very common and most people like floral embroidery. is


Hand embroidery on sleeves

Beautiful hand embroidery designs for shirts and sleeves increase the beauty of the shirt. Most people like this and they also add laces in their embroidery designs for sleeves. On the upper and lower sides of their sleeves, they add the laces and make panels, and in the middle of the sleeves, they beautify their sleeves by adding hand embroidery designs.

Hand embroidery on neck designs pattern:

Hand embroidery looks too much awesome on the neck.


Hand embroidery on the front side of the shirt:

Little motives of hand embroidery look adorable on the front side of the shirts.


Hand embroidery on the back side of the shirts:

Hand embroidery on the back side of the shirt also gives too much great look to our dress.


Hand-embroidered shirts from Kintaro

Kintaro is a Japanese brand, with hand-embroidered shirts that are great value and high quality. Gaiwan is another Japanese brand, with the same focus on high-quality clothing at affordable prices. Their products are available in many sizes and styles, including men’s shirts and women’s blouses.

The best place to get these kinds of garments is from Bette & Dot! The company has been making hand-embroidered clothing since 2002—and they’re still going strong today.


Hand-embroidered shirts from Gaiwan.

Gaiwan is a Japanese brand that specializes in hand-embroidered shirts. They have a wide range of hand-embroidered shirts, from casual to formal. Their high-quality fabrics are made from the finest materials, making it easy for you to find a shirt that fits your style.

The Gaiwan shirts come in many different styles and colors so you can find something that fits your personality perfectly!

Hand-embroidered shirts from Bette and Dot.

Bette and Dot is a small, family-owned business that makes beautiful hand-embroidered shirts. They’ve been in business for over 30 years and have grown from handmade items to an online shop with more than 500 designs.

Their shirts are all made by hand with love and care—you’ll see the difference when you compare one of their shirts to another! They use high-quality fabrics that feel great on your skin while they look amazing on any body type (even when worn together). The buttons are unique, too; there’s no other place like Bette & Dot where you can find them!

Most popular embroidery stitch

There are basically six embroidery stitches:

1. running stitch

2. stem stitch

3. split stitch

4. back stitch

5. french knots

6. satin stitch

The most common and most popular embroidery stitch is the satin stitch.

Uses of satin stitch:

It is used in machine and hand embroidery. It is also used to fill areas with colors and threads.

Hand embroidery on cotton shirts:

Hand embroidery on cotton shirts is very common in all over the worldwide makes an excellent canvas for embroidery. Passing a needle and thread through cotton and needle is not challenging.

for more

Hand-embroidered shirts from Uniqlo

Uniqlo has a great selection of beautiful hand-embroidered shirts. They’re all made with quality materials and can be found at great prices, so you won’t have to break the bank to get a custom-made look. Hand embroidery on Uniqlo T-shirts is a really fun experience. Uniqlo embroidery T-shirts are made of 100% cotton jersey fabric. Cotton jersey fabric is very to wear. It is very easy to purchase from the market. It is very luxurious to do hand embroidery and can stretch out.

You can find beautiful hand-embroidered shirts at great prices

  • You can find beautiful hand-embroidered shirts at great prices.
  • Kintaro is the brand that makes the most beautiful and well-made hand-embroidered shirts.
  • Gaiwan is another great brand for beautiful hand-embroidered shirts.
  • Bette and Dot, also make some of the best designs on the market today in terms of quality and price point (and they’re also one of my favorite brands).


In conclusion, beautiful hand-embroidery designs for shirts can be a great way to show off your personal style. They are easy to make, and they are affordable enough that you don’t need top-of-the-line equipment or materials. There are many different types of hand embroidery shirts out there, so it is important to find one that suits your needs.

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